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裸眼3D开路 亚马逊第一款智能手机Fire Phone正式面市_云开官方app下载

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本文摘要:After months of rumors, Amazon finally announced its entry into the smartphone market at an event in Seattle Wednesday.流言蜚语持续了几个月之后,亚马逊(Amazon)在本周三西雅图的活动上再一宣告转入智能手机市场。

After months of rumors, Amazon finally announced its entry into the smartphone market at an event in Seattle Wednesday.流言蜚语持续了几个月之后,亚马逊(Amazon)在本周三西雅图的活动上再一宣告转入智能手机市场。CEO Jeff Bezos spoke to a crowd made up mostly of members of the media to announce the online retail giant’s newest product: the Fire phone, a device with a 4.7-inch screen, a quad-core 2.2 GHz processor and 2 gigabytes of RAM. The new smartphone also features a 13-megapixel camera that can be launched by pressing a designated button on the side of the phone, and Amazon is offering free, unlimited photo storage on the Amazon Cloud Drive.面临以媒体人居多的观众,首席执行官杰夫o贝佐斯公布了这家在线零售业巨头的近期产品:Fire Phone手机。

这款手机享有4.7英寸的屏幕,2.2GHz的四核处理器以及2GB的内存。通过手机侧面的特定按钮,用户还可以用于高达1300万像素的摄像头,同时享用亚马逊Cloud Drive云存储上的无限照片容量。As had been rumored, the phone is being offered in an exclusive partnership with ATT and can already be found on the company’s website, starting at a price of $199.99 for a two-year contract with the 32-gigabyte model. For a limited time, Amazon is also offering a year-long Amazon Prime membership along with the new phone.正如传闻所说,这款手机由亚马逊与运营商美国电话电报公司(ATT)独家合作发售,早已经常出现在亚马逊公司的网站上,32GB空间的两年合约机起售价为199.99美元。

亚马逊还随新手机限时赠送给一年的Amazon Prime会员服务。After offering up info about the Fire’s physical specs and some of its features, including the new image recognition service Firefly, Bezos finally confirmed rumors that the new product has 3-D capabilities, in a sense. Bezos introduced the phone’s motion-tracking screen, which uses “dynamic perspective” head-tracking technology that relies on four corner-mounted infrared cameras to make images appear to be three-dimensional without the need for 3-D glasses.贝佐斯阐释了Fire Phone手机的物理参数及还包括全新照片辨识服务Firefly在内的部分特性后,最后证实了传闻,回应这款新产品在某种程度上享有3D功能。贝佐斯展出了这款手机的运动跟踪屏幕。它使用了“动态视角”技术,依赖在屏幕四角加装的红外摄像头,让用户不必须利用3D眼镜就能感觉到图片的三维效果。

Bezos demonstrated how that technology can be put to use, making images on the phone’s display look more realistic while also registering the user’s face and head movements to cycle through Amazon products while shopping on the phone. To be sure, Amazon is aiming the new technology at Amazon Prime members to encourage them to buy more of the company’s products online. Users will also be able to tilt the phone to navigate the Fire’s maps feature and to initiate “auto-scroll” while reading a news article or Kindle book.贝佐斯展示了如何用于这项技术,让手机上的图片看上去更为现实。同时,当用户在手机上展开在线购物时,摄像头还能根据用户的头部和面部移动情况,记录下用户网页过哪些产品。似乎,亚马逊想利用这项技术,希望Amazon Prime会员多在网上出售商品。

用户还可以通过弯曲手机,从而利用Fire Phone的地图软件展开导航系统,也可以在读者新闻或Kindle电子书时启动“自动翻页”功能。Amazon’s AMZN 2.69% stock price, which remained relatively unchanged at the start of Wednesday’s event, rose more than 3% following Bezos’ announcement.周三的公布活动开始时,亚马逊的股价完全没什么波动,但当贝佐斯的展示已完成后,股价之后下跌了多达3%。News of a potential Amazon smartphone with 3-D capability leaked earlier this year, with BGR even posting photos it claimed featured a prototype for the new product. Amazon added fuel to the fire earlier this month when it released a promotional video featuring several people’s amazed reactions to an unseen product. The people in the video can be seen tilting their heads back and forth while using the product, which added to speculation over the phone’s head-tracking technology.在今年早些时候就早已有消息透漏,亚马逊有可能将公布配备3D技术的手机。


视频中的人们在用于新产品时,前后晃动着脑袋,更为让人们对新手机的头部跟踪技术进行了猜测。Amazon is pushing the Fire to current and potential Amazon Prime subscribers, who will be able to use the phone to access streaming video and thenewly-launched Prime Music, a music streaming service launched on Monday that lets Amazon Prime members listen to more than one million songs without interruption from ads.亚马逊对现有和潜在的Amazon Prime会员启动时了Fire Phone产品的信息。

他们将来可以用于这款手机观赏流媒体,体验新的公布的Prime Music。这是一款于本周一上线的音乐流媒体服务,让Amazon Prime用户需要享用多达100万首音乐,而不用受到广告的阻碍。

One of the phone’s main features is Firefly, an image recognition service that can identify text and images as well as audio and video. Bezos said users can use Firefly, which has its own designated button on the side of the device, to scan phone numbers, books and even works of art to get information and save it on the phone. Firefly can also recognize songs and television shows, or offer nutritional information for food.Firefly是Fire Phone手机的主要特色之一。这是一项照片辨识服务,既可以辨识文本和图像,也可以辨识音频及视频。这项服务在手机的侧面享有专属按钮,可以扫瞄电话号码、书籍甚至艺术作品,让用户获得涉及信息并存储在手机中。Firefly还能辨识歌曲和电视剧,或获取食物的营养信息。

The phone also includes Mayday, a tech support feature that connects users via video stream to support staff.手机还享有一项Mayday服务,需要获取技术支持,让用户与客服人员展开视频通话。In addition to teasing the release of its new product with vague hints at what was to come, Amazon has been touting the increased selection in its Amazon Appstore. Amazon said earlier this week that it has nearly tripled its apps selection in the past year, to 240,000, a number that signals impressive growth, but which is still about one-fifth of Apple’s app offerings. Amazon also reached a licensing deal with Blackberry on Wednesday to make all of its apps available on the latter’s new line of handheld devices set to launch this fall.除了公布新产品,让人们对将要经常出现的手机有一定理解,亚马逊还就其应用于商店减少的品种展开了宣传。亚马逊在本周早些时候回应,在过去一年之中,亚马逊商店的应用于种类超过了之前的三倍,即24万种。这样的大幅度变革令人印象深刻印象,不过它的应用于数量依然只有苹果(Apple)应用于商店的五分之一。

亚马逊在周三还与黑莓(Blackberry)达成协议了许可协议,让所有应用于都需要在今年秋天公布的一系列黑莓手执设备中以求用于。One person who isn’t too excited about the partnership between Amazon and ATT is T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who unleashed a Twitter rant against the new product a day before it was even announced. Legere came out against the exclusive partnership, tweeting that “Exclusivity sucks for customers,” while comparing the new Amazon device to the failed Facebook-HTC smartphone that flopped last year.唯一对亚马逊和美国电话电报公司的合作高兴不一起的人是运营商T-Mobile公司的首席执行官约翰o莱杰尔。他在这款产品公布的前一天就针对它公开发表了一条碎碎念的Twitter消息。